Traditional Christian games continued

Traditional Christian games are most commonly played in Christian retreats where people get the chance to meet people share Christian values. During these events, people get the chance to enrich their life experience by strengthening their faith, understanding the church better and all through every activity that often does not lack fun. That being said, there is a list of games that Christian play to get to know each other better and to break the ice since you won’t know a bunch of new people.

These games are easy to play and are designed that way to help you when getting to know other people. For example “Finish a sentence” is a very popular one and very easy to cope. For example, you say “I am blessed because..” and finish the sentence saying something good about yourself, something that you want to share with the present collective. Everyone else playing the game will do the same so every one is sharing a piece of themselves and presenting to others.

hymnal“True or false” is another good game that is played by saying two different stories about yourself and the rest has to guess which story was true and which was false. You have to tell one true and one fake story and see how people think of you. This way you can easily make new friends because those who guess right will probably be people who are more similar to you than the others and who understand how you are.

“Name that hymn” is a musical game where people are divided into two groups and it requires a piano and a pianist. A pianist plays a few notes and the first group to get which hymn it was and continue it wins a point. The group with more points at the end wins the game.