Human Interaction with Environment

All the living and non-living things present in our surroundings are considered as the environment where non-living things include air, water, sand, glass, rock etc. while living things include other living forms example birds, fishes, reptiles, plants etc.For deeply  information use seo services advantages. Interaction of humans with any of these living or non-living things present in its surrounding can be both productive as well as destructive.


Interaction means to communicate or to react with one another.

We humans since forever have been dependent on the environment. Since early ages, firstly we started to utilize the environment for our basic needs, like we used water, stones to light fire, plants to use as clothes and later hunting of animals to be eaten.

As we evolved with the time, our requirements and need grew up and to cope up with that we slowly started to utilize the environment in order to achieve all those luxuries that can be used to make human life easier than it ever was.

With the boom of technology, the humans not only evolved with the environment but also exploited it for all of their needs and want that can never be fulfilled without taking help from the surroundings.


human envoirement interection


As we all know using something to some extent is beautiful but overusing is always harmful and hazardous and it is true everywhere. We, humans, have crossed the limit of interacting with the environment, and we over interacted and then eventually exploited it and so we have to face the consequences also, some of the major consequences are listed below:

  1. Utilization of non – renewable sources of energy –

In our environment, there are many things which are non-renewable means which just can’t b renewed again. For example, coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.

By using this we will end it up someday, it will get exhausted and then there will be no such energy sources.

  1. Various Pollutions –

With the advancement of technology we utilised our environment beyond limits and polluted it also in many ways like –

Air pollution

Water pollution

Soil pollution

Space pollution

Noise Pollution etc.

All these pollution affected the environment as well as affected our health also adversely by giving rise to various diseases and issues not only health related but also larger concerns which are adverse to whole world or habitat.

  1. Deforestation 

In order to have shelter, we started to use the wood, and trees are the source of it. To achieve our various needs of shelter for home, industries, etc. we started to cut the forests, which affected the forest ecosystem and created the unbalance within the forest leading to air pollution, further one of cause for global warming.It also leads towards the loss of home of many niches which in turn caused extinction of habitats of plants and animals and affected their ecosystem.

  1. Soil erosion

Soil erosion means the loosing of fertility of the soil. It happened due to the chemical disposal in the soil which was used in factories and industries in the process of manufacturing and this disposal of chemical materials into the fertile soil lead to lose its fertility.

The soil is utmost important for us as everything that we grow crops and plants to get food as they are sown in the same soil. If it will lose the fertility, plants won’t grow properly and the production will be less. This affected the agricultural sector adversely, and in a similar way affected our lifestyle also.


The Human Interaction with the Environment occurred because we were needy and to fulfil our need we have to rely on the environment. The interaction slowly changed into exploitation with the era of evolution. Which eventually led to many of the adverse stuff like pollution, soil erosion, deforestation etc.

Naturally, also these stuff happens but with a very low intensity, but humans are a major cause of it.

In order to lead a happy and healthy life human and environment must go hand in hand, and to achieve that we need to start taking care of environment like we care for us and to stop exploiting it and start to save it, in order to save ourselves as without environment there will be no humans.




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