Insurance Importance

I was just reminded again of the importance of having good insurance. I was recently in a discussion with my brother-in-law about his son in a car accident that he was in just a few months ago. The important thing is that he was not harmed and he this perfectly safe today but his car is a mess. It was an older car and therefore it was hardly worth ensuring for full insurance but the car is absolutely worthless now. I recently had a similar experience with my own son and he had an accident as well. He did not have full coverage so he had to pay $1000 out of pocket. In his case this car was valuable enough to spend the money and get it fixed correctly. In the case of my brother-in-law the car was not viable enough to even try and get it repaired. Once again whether it’s auto insurance or health insurance it’s very important to think about the value of such things.

Amarillo Insurance

Insurance in Amarillo Texas has been something for people to contemplate for a long time. To try and decide on an insurance agency that can cover you in any in almost every situation it’s quite a daunting task. Everyone needs automobile insurance, Or at least most people do. There are also all kinds of other personal types of insurances as well. Auto insurance ( is very important encase of course you were in an accident. Many people only get the minimum amount of insurance it’s very important to look at on the other options that would include full coverage. My son was recently in an accident and all he had was liability. If you get had full coverage we certainly would be in a better position today.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.20.29 PMHowever the coverage that I have chosen in the past it’s just not a very affordable option for us right now. Amarillo Texas is a smaller town and most small businesses rely on word of mouth and the kind of reputation that they have built over many years. So you need to look at reviews on insurance companies in the areas that you’re living in. There are some excellent resources online for you to check into the different reviews on insurance agencies. It’s very important to do your homework in regards to finding the right insurance agency for you as I said automobile insurance is really just the tip of the iceberg. Most people need and want medical insurance. So you should consider what kind of packages out there to cover all of your medical needs. You don’t want to get into the situation and then try to go out and find the best medical coverage. And those kinds of situations you not get stuck and not get covered at all. No one knows what might happen in terms of the difficulties one can get in with their health. If you have a great full coverage insurance and there’s really very little to concern yourself about. There are also all kinds of insurance packages for the different hobbies that you might have. For example if you enjoy motorcycles or 4 Wheel Dr. vehicles then there’s all kinds of Insurance packages that you can get for your toys.

These toys are very important for your mental health in were just for you to get out and enjoy the outdoors. However you won’t indoor enjoy the outdoors very much if you don’t have a good insurance policy on these different items. If you put all of your savings and lightly good into forming an you have absolutely no insurance then you are going to be in a difficult situation when bad weather or some unfortunate thing happens and destroys your form. There’s also of course wrenching to consider. If you have a set of cows and there is drought in your land with absolutely no water to water your cows then you’re going to have to sell for a very low price. There are some insurance packages I can cover you and help you in these different situations. Overall insurance is very important for you to consider for your personal needs as well as your commercial needs. There’s all kinds of commercial insurance to choose from and therefore you need to do a thorough job of reviewing all the insurance companies.

Buy Advocare

Advocare is a great product that everyone should consider using. There are a lot of Health Products on the market that you can choose from to do anything for help you to lose weight to increase your performance in your particular sport. There are also a lot of products on the market to make your body healthier overall. Advocare has it all! You can buy Advocare online ( by going to distributors websites as well as the mining company website and selecting whatever product that you’re interested in. Most people are interested in losing weight and therefore there are a lot of different Health food products to help you lose weight. These are supplements that help make you feel full you don’t eat more than you need to. I think it’s a great idea to buy Advocare to use as a supplemental to help you lose weight. It’s not easy to lose weight. Recently I’ve been trying to lose weight and I’m counting my calories. This can get very tedious and very difficult to be consistent with. I’ve got a new calorie counter app on my telephone and I use this on a daily basis. Well I guess I should say I used it for 45 straight days and I haven’t used it for the most recent for five days. However it did help me to get into the rhythm of watching what I’m eating. Advocare does a lot of this for you.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.14.38 AMThey know what food you need to be eating in you were a lot of apps that you can buy to help you determine what products and how much you need to be eating on a daily basis online shopping for these products is very simple and easy and the product is delivered directly to your door. This could not be any easier. Most of the time people are meeting to lose weight because they’re lazy. Well Area go this is the lazy way to shop an easy way to get your product bought online and delivered directly to your door in a short period of time. It’s perfect for a lazy person. Just log on to a distributors website, Select the product for losing weight, improving your performance, or wellness, and then check out with the easy-to-use system. This couldn’t be more easier. I encourage you to think about using these products to help your performance. When you’re breaking down muscle tissue it’s very important to increase your protein intake for example. If you do not replace these proteins and your body is not able to recuperate. Sleeping of course is a major factor in all of us but that’s not what we’re discussing today. Please consider Advocare as a great alternative for Sports performance supplements. They have been proven and tested and use by hundreds of accomplice athletes around the world. Once again buying Advocare online is just stupid simple. Don’t ignore this easy way to increase your body’s health and live a longer life so give careful cinsideration to great products such as the 24 day challenge. It’s important to be a good steward of everything that God has given you. Obviously your body is major gift from the Lord and he wants us to take good care of it. So don’t ignore your health or don’t ignore the way that you can develop your talents and use these products will help you and all of these different arenas.

Site Logo Inquiry


What do you all think we should do for our logo. Instead of spending big bucks, or small bucks even on a real logo creation I’m thinking of crowd sourcing the sites logo creation. What should we do for our logo? We could do something like a series of controllers from different systems. Unfortunately, I don’t have controllers from every gaming system.

We could do a series of board games, for those looking to play something fun, or we could do a logo from our artist who created an item for one of our sister sites. We’ll link to some of their work in the near future. If you’re interested in posting an idea you can reach us at .


crosscontrolers-01I just bought a couple games I’ll be reviewing in the near future including Lego Star Wars III for PS3 and Dance 2015.


Christian Gamers Unite


Okay, a lounge is a bit of a seedy place to meet but hey you take whatever domain is given to you when it comes to the internet these days. So, we’re here to relax sit back and discuss the ethics of gaming in a world where we’re striving for recreation and not amusement. We’ll discuss the difference between the two in a few days when we get the site up and running but this is a quick hello and the beginning of many great things to come. If you have any ideas of games you’d like reviewed leave us a comment and we’ll give you our honest opinion. Otherwise hold tight and we’ll get back to you soon with more new games for all you christian gamers out there.